Miami AmeriCorps Alums Like You and Want your Opinion

The Miami AmeriCorps Alums had a terrific Monthly Meeting on Saturday, November 10 at the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in South Miami. Alice Horn, their noble and wise leader spent some time speaking with us about NFTE and how she became involved in this type of work and the impact this program has on thousands of South Florida High School students. We certainly are very grateful for her time spent with us on a Saturday morning.

Afterwards we decided to send out a survey to active members in our Chapter to gauge what our leadership and decision-making strategy will be for the next year. The survey asks what leadership structure you think should be in place, how often the leadership should meet, and how to use the funds our chapter has raised.

If you are an AmeriCorps Alum or current serving member living in Miami and want to take the survey, please visit the link below:

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