And the Survey Says……

Monday, November 19 was the last day to fill out our survey. Thanks to all who participated!! Below is the summary of the results:

1. When asked what leadership structure the Miami AmeriCorps Alums should have in the next year:

  • 17.4% said Office Positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer).
  • 30.4% said Pillar Positions (Service, Leadership, Mentorship, Awareness, and Connecting Chairs).
  • 52.3% said Both.

2.  When asked how often should the Miami AmeriCorps Alums convene leadership meetings:

  • 65.2% said Monthly
  • 34.8% said Quarterly
  • 0%  said none or other

3. When asked what to spend the Chapter funds on:

  • 37.5% said to Adopt-a-Family for the holidays
  • 6.3% said to buy a tablet for registration
  • 56.3% said to sponsor a training with Philanthrofest
  • 9 others did write in responses not listed above, making the decision here a little murky.

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