And the Nominees Are……


And the Nominees Are

The Nominees for the Miami AmeriCorps Alums were announced today. Click on the link here to cast your vote. Without further ado, the nominees are…

  1. President = a) Kevin Bulger and b)write-in
  2. Vice-President = a) Vanessa Christiansen and b) write-in
  3. Secretary = a) Diana Aranda; b) Mike Brennan; and c) Jaheera White
  4. Treasurer = a) write in only
  5. Service Chair = a) Darrill Gaschler; b) Catherine Houlihan; and c) Vanessa Christainsen
  6. Leadership Chair = a) Sean Dollard; b) Darrill Gaschler; c) Mike Brennan; and d) Jaheera White
  7. Mentorship Chair = a) Catherine Houlihan; b) Sean Dollard; and c) Katherine Baas
  8. Awareness Chair = a) Naomi Ross; b) Diana Aranda; c) Victoria Edwards
  9. Connecting Chair = a) Naomi Ross; b) Mike Brennan; c) Victoria Edwards

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