Miami Public Allies Alum Event

Public Allies Alum 12-6-2012

Miami Public Allies, a national service and AmeriCorps cousin, hosted an alumni get together on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at City Hall the Restaurant to continue a legacy of service in Miami. From the Miami Public Allies Website:

Since 2007, we’ve developed more than 100 young leaders. Allies are young, diverse, and passionate social change makers who support community projects in partnership with hundreds of local nonprofit organizations. Our group helps to develop the required leadership skills needed for our members to have succesfull and sustainable projects. We do this by placing young and developing leaders in local nonprofit organizations for 10-month apprenticeships.”

Public Allies are hosted by Catalyst Miami, a leader in connecting people to purpose in our community. Check out the below graphic describing Public Allies Alums in detail:

Public Allies Alum 12-6-2012 2

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