Adopt-A-Family Story

The Miami AmeriCorps Alums adopted a family for the holidays with the Neighbor 4 Neighbors Adopt-A-Family program. The below is an short excerpt from one of our leading Chapter members, Diana, as she describes the moment she handed the gifts to the Ruiz family on behalf of all of us.  We want to thank everyone who contributed to make the holidays special for the Ruiz family and the rest of us alums. We wish everyone a blessed holiday season and a joyous New Year:
Adopt a Family December 2012

“First of all Happy Holidays, a big hug to all! There are many things I would like to talk about, yet I will  start with congratulating all for a Christmas mission accomplished!  The Ruiz family received their wish list thanks to all the contributions from the chapter.

I delivered the gifts with as much Christmas magic I could muster. In accordance  to the smiles and laughs produced I must say it had a positive effect.  I had several conversations with Clara in between lunch breaks and after hours in regards to making the present giving meaningful to the girls.  In the end, there was a lot of impromptu, and I had to wing it with some curve balls. Yet, it all smoothed out in the end, and we all had a good time.

I gave the girls 3 presents they could open right away.  The Play-Do candy making kit was a hit! Even the dad was into it!  In the meantime Clara and I sneaked out and placed the rest of the gifts outside.

A few minutes later,  there was a mysterious knock and the girls went out to see who it was… only to find out that Santa had left a table full of presents. They each took one and placed it under the tree.  We then ate some tamales, which where delicious! And I played with the girls a bit and took the Christmas tree photo.

To finish distributing the rest of the gifts in tradition of Three Kings Day, all the girls and mom put out one of their shoes so it could get stuffed with a present. Alicia the soon-to-be-5-year-old was the designated King’s messenger and placed a gift card in each of the designated shoes.  She was the most adorable little helper. She thought it was hilarious, and hid all the shoes behind the tree one by one.

I then said my goodbyes and left home with two tamalitos for breakfast.

I truly wished life was such that we could have all been there together, yet I know the Holiday spirit of giving follows this group year long.  Thanks for all the holiday cheer and spirit.  May you all be blessed with plenty of happiness and abundance everyday of your lives.

Felices fiestas to all Prospero an^o y felicidad!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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